Your Session

Did you see those pictures of me on my “about” page?  They were taken by my long time friend (who lucky for me, just happens to be a photographer who’s work I love!).  The important part is, I feel totally comfortable around her. She makes me laugh whether she is cracking a joke or telling me to stand up straight.  Also lucky for me, if you want her to take your picture, you’ll have to go to Newfoundland. 

The moral of this story?

  • laughing is important
  • being in front of the camera is (can) be uncomfortable. I know that (and see point one)
  • trusting that you will love the photographs I take of you (because all those other beautiful people on my site?  They are just like you – special).

Family Photography

For an hour and a half (or two, if someone is freaking out, because I accommodate that)

  • I will make friends with your children
  • I will wipe their noses if they need it with whatever is handy
  • if they are picking their nose, I will take a picture, and then I will tell them to stop
  • if there is a bridge, we will spit off of it
  • if your partner wasn’t so sure about this whole photography gig?  By the end of the session, he’ll be happy.  And when you get the photos, he may cry

And, if you want to know why I do what I do (which is called “Lifestyle Photography”, which is basically you being you) it’s because I have no printed pictures of myself under the age of 7.  And those scans kicking around on my hard drive?  That was 2 computers ago. And over the age of 7? There are very few with either of my parents – one every few years on a special occasion where we are all dressed up.  I know I was loved and I know I was hugged, but damn, I wish I had pictures.

So, come as you are. Come dressed up. Come in your ripped jeans – either way you look gorgeous.  Just bring your love for each other.

Technical Deets

  • I like to photograph someplace that is special to you
  • I am happy to photograph in your house
  • I love to photograph outside (winter or summer)
  • You have me for 2 hours. I am happy to do both
  • Breathe

View my Family Photography portfolio here

Wedding Photography

Eep! You’re getting married! Thank you for thinking of me.  I would be delighted to take your wedding pictures.  I am equally happy to do a small two hour wedding, as a 10 hour day.  Whatever is most important to you is what I will photograph.

First though, we will do an engagement session. Any deer-in-the-headlights issues you have going on with a camera, we will get those out of the way.  You will also get some cool/pretty pictures, in case you want to do a signing matte or a guestbook.

For your wedding – I’m a little bit ninja. If you’re having getting-ready pictures done, I can offer advice how to lace up a dress, and know how to pin corsages (although I haven’t figured out the pocket-square yet).  All the while taking pictures you didn’t even realise I was taking. Hopefully you won’t even notice me during the ceremony.  I move through the family pictures fairly quickly (see below) and then onto the formals.  Which for the first 5 minutes are kind of boring and uncomfortable. (Only 5, I promise!) And then they are fun. Really fun.

Technical Deets

  • I shoot with a Canon Mark 5Diii. Its worth a fair bit of money, but its so insured I can fall in a pool with it, and we’re cool.  I also carry back up equipment.
  • I shoot solo, but know lots of other great photographers if you would like a second shooter.
  • I have two card slots in my camera. One records your entire wedding.  For the other, I shoot each section of your wedding on a different card.  If one messes up, I have the rest of your wedding photos safe. Somewhere on my body. Maybe my boot, or my back pocket, or my bra.  Someone would have to roll me to get them away from me.
  • Family pictures are super important (see above), but at weddings, I get the whole shebang done and out of the way in 30 minutes. And your grandmother’s feet won’t get tired.  I get a teensy bit bossy during this part of the photos.  But you will appreciate it.
  • I will remind you to breathe.
  • I will try super-hard not to fall in a pool.

View my Wedding Photography portfolio here

Oh, and I will most likely hug you. Because I am a hugger.