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  • I specialise in lifestyle photography. Life is messy and grand, beautiful and challenging, and every one of those moments is precious. This is what I look for and what I photograph. This is what I want you to remember, when you look at your photographs years from now - how your heart was so big it felt like it would explode.

Seems like forever since I held a baby . . . but Piyush and Rachel let me come to their house to play with their babies. Thank you!

At 19 months apart, this is the tricky shoot (the only photo I have of my children at this age together, is of the back of their heads. Lucky I like their hair).

But Kalen and Asha were super co-operative.

I LOVE this one.


Some lovely baby photos.

These two of P and K reading together were great. Kalen actually spent much of the session when I was photographing his sister playing with his bus. And then, for a change, he sat and read with his dad.

Some more Canadiana sibling.

One for someone’s wedding day!

Hanging out in their parents room. More? More (Kalen is signing).

More beautiful baby.

Hanging out in the back yard, before it got too cold.

Halloween is huge in our neighbourhood. People go all out on the decorations. There is one house on 95th Street that decorates for all the seasons, and if you get off the main roads onto the side streets, there is a lot going on. A creepy little girl on a tricycle; a bower over a sidewalk, dry ice obscuring bones, monsters and zombies; a real partial cow skeleton on a porch roof. And the lovely man who hands out hot chocolate to the parents.

My kids had to come home and drop their stash half way through – because it is too heavy and I refuse to carry it for them. They were determined to stay out until midnight. We made it to 7:30 (2 hours!). My lovely renter stayed home and handed out candy to 150 (!!!) children (and a few adults, which I think is awesome.)

Here are some pictures from our adventures.

Hattie Hatterson, from Battle Block Theatre



A banana – because they make him throw up. And a blow torch, just because.


The best friends.

First Halloween!


And, our yard (we picked up the tortured guy at a garage sale this summer. The boys make me drive around with him in the car and go to McDonalds. Much hysterical laughing. He’s so gross.